May you feel blessed, discover community and grow in this space!

Pickled Pepper started out as a dream, and blossomed into a community by the power of prayer. God is the foundation of this place and has proven that all things are possible.

Party with Pickled Pepper!

We have the perfect space for small events, gatherings, birthday parties, baby showers, classes, and more!

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  • Kellee C.

    We hosted a baby shower there today and it was perfect!! Great space and so comfy!! It was just the right place!! Plus mommies got to pick up some cute things on the way out.

  • Brianna E.

    Absolutely amazing cute kids boutique, they have cute clothes and the best activities and classes! So welcoming and all about the community.

  • Shania E.

    We’re so happy to have found pickled pepper! We attend so many events each month. Both my girls love Tiffany and she is amazing with them as well as making sure there’s events in the community for them.

2023 Start Up Business Of The Year

Pickled Pepper received an award with the Brighton EDC! We are humbled by the Love and Support of our community. We are so glad you find value in what we are doing in this space. I’m so grateful for the support and encouragement of other local business owners. When we lift each other up, we have no where to go, but UP! Congratulations to all the winners and nominees! I'm so very proud of you!