About Us

Tiffany Green | Owner

Pickled Pepper became a dream / or vision if you will,  back in 2022.  After spending some time on Main Street, helping another business owner, God called me! 

 Pickled Pepper quickly became more than my original vision of a just a children's boutique.   I knew the community didn't have a children's boutique so I knew the niche was there.  But quickly I realized what the community was really lacking was a sense of community around "parenting". 

Being a Mother of 3 grown boys, and going through the empty nesting phase, I realized how difficult that phase was, and really started to reflect on all the phases.  Every phase came with its own challenges. Many times I felt so alone in those phases.  I didn't have social media while raising kids, and now parents today, struggle even more with the "perfectness" portrayed on all the platforms.   I instantly knew I wanted to help grow a community around parenting.  A safe place for all parents and their littles to come and grow their "tribes".   Its so true that it takes a village to raise a child. 

So at Pickled Pepper we offer many gatherings, meetups, playtimes and more.  Many of our events are free and/or low cost.  We want to help you grow your tribe!  Brighton has been a small town for so many years and recently started booming.  So many new families are coming to Brighton, and we want to welcome you into our community!  Come find your people, your tribe!  

Outside of our regular gatherings, we do offer special events and rental of the gathering space for private events.  We are always having fun in this space!